In-Sight Box 41


End the distraction in the classroom, conferences, events and more!  The In-Sight 41 will easily hold 41 or more phones.  Larger zone for earphones, smart watches and wallet holders.

Purchase 11 or more boxes and shipping is free!




The In-Sight Box 41 holds 41+ devices.

This is a hinged box designed for cell phone storage.  Stores up to 41 cell phones in an upright position.  This box includes dividers and color coded stickers to assign storage location.  Includes a padlock to fit this box with keys.  More than 2 staff members?  All you have to do is have additional keys cut.  Padlock is included.

The Cell is designed to be a classroom tool to store student devices.  Transparent so students will not get separation anxiety.

Students are distracted by their phones.  Collect them to avoid unauthorized use of taking pictures of student work, filming student performances or posting test questions.  I have noticed that students these days struggle to figure out a multi-step task.  With their phones at their fingertips, they tend not to use their brain.


  • Color Coded for Location Assignment
  • Padlock for box with 2 keys

This does not include lock-down hardware.  If you want lock-down hardware to secure it to a table or more, please look at the combo. 

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